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Blood for a Burrito

*Forgot that this community exsisted until Emma posted to it*

I should retell a Chipotle related story that happened a couple weeks ago.

So, while voluntering at the Artworks office, I was helping Colieen Stanton (summer program coordinator) rearrange the draws in the file cabinet. Well, the cabinet is ghetto and one of the draws got stuck in its track. So, my teammate tucked on the track while and held the draw steady...and she cut her finger on the track and had to go to the emergency room for stiches.

Meanwhile, Colieen was scheduled to attend a meeting with Tamara Harkavey, the executive of Artworks, at the time she was at the hostipal. Tamara needs Colieen to take notes for her, because taking notes is to menial of a task to do herself and without anyone to take notes, she swifted scouted for a substitute: me.

So, I had no idea what this meeting was about and was briefed in the car, but the purpose was to brainstorm ideas for one of this years Artworks summer projects. I not only took sputid notes, but have impressive ideas, and Tamara was so impressed with the responce from the other representatives that she brought me lunch.

Chitople, that is.

So, the moral of the story is sometimes you have to watch someone bleed to get free Chipotle. I kinda feel bad that if Colieen hadn't sliced herself, then I wouldn't have gone to that meeting, hence no free Chipotle.

But she only needed 4 stiches and now she all better, so I guess it was a happy ending.

The end.
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